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What do we film?

Everything! Get it all filmed now when you need it. Worry about video editing later if you need it.

Just Footage are Sydney based videographers, specialising in capturing high quality raw footage for our clients using state of the art video camera and audio gear.

Our unique videography service enables businesses to get whatever they need filmed now without having to worry about video editing. Ideal for conferences, events, interviews, parties, presentations, product demonstrations, product showcases and examples, seminars, video testimonials, trade shows etc.

Later, if you do require any video editing, we do not impose any restrictions on who edits for you using the raw footage provided.

Raw footage

The raw footage we capture for you:

  • Will be express posted within two weeks of filming on USB
  • Is copied directly from our camera / audio sources and provided unedited and unchanged
  • Is captured in FULL HD 1920 x 1080
  • Includes audio at all times, and professional audio whenever there is a speaker
  • Has no editing restrictions
  • Is 100% ready for editing
  • Can be used time and time again in multiple edits
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  • We used Just Footage to capture our company product showcase including testimonials from our clients. Anton was great and made our guests feel comfortable on camera. Chris was a great communicator throughout the process. Many thanks from the team at Honeycomb Agency. Marisa Clemmett, Google

  • Very professional and prompt as well. Very accommodating. Used to cover industry open day event. Lester Rendell, Google

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