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Finally—professional wedding videographers who offer raw footage and the freedom that comes with it

Your love is without limitations. Your wedding footage should be, too.

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Focus on just footage for now and save a small fortune to spend elsewhere in your celebration.

You want your wedding day to be captured beautifully by a professional—plain and simple.

You don’t want to commit a large portion of your wedding budget to video editing services and fancy package inclusions you don’t necessarily need—and you certainly don’t want to wait around for months on end to receive your wedding day footage.

You’d rather secure professional-quality, unedited footage at the moment and rest easy knowing that—should you want to have a film produced later down the line—you’ll have all of the beautiful footage you’ll need to do so, right in your back pocket.

We’re here to capture the moments and memories from your big day—without backing you into a corner.

Receive stunning raw footage from your wedding day within four short weeks.

Our wedding videographers will capture your day candidly and with incredible care, ultimately delivering beautiful unedited video footage you can have on hand to savour, share, and use as you please.

Watch, relive, and revel in the memories of your day over and over, have a go at editing your film yourself, choose to hire a professional editor after you’ve saved up a bit, or finally take your friend up on that offer to create your wedding film. With Just Footage, the choice is always yours.

Embrace one less thing to worry about.

We pride ourselves on prompt communication and a seamless, organised online booking process. We’re always around to answer any questions you may have along the way. When the day-of arrives, we’ll be there ahead of schedule with the highest quality camera and audio equipment.

You’ll never know we’re there...

...but you’ll have all of the candid footage to prove it. We’re experts at letting your day unfold naturally and documenting every last moment and memory while remaining discreet. We work incredibly well with wedding photographers and have a keen awareness of how to navigate the day together, without getting in their way or stepping in their shots.

The footage and freedom are all yours.

We hand over everything, so you don’t have to worry about letting someone who hardly knows you determine which moments do—and don’t—make it into your wedding film. Receive every last moment we captured on film to do with what you please, whenever you’re ready, without any limitations.

Last-minute enquiry? No problem!

We're more than happy to cater to couples whose wedding date is quickly approaching.

What is raw wedding videography footage... and what does it look like?

“Raw footage” refers to all of the video footage and audio files copied directly from our video cameras and audio sources, provided to you unedited and unaltered. You’ll receive both the individual raw files (perfect for editing into a film down the road) and the combined footage (all of the footage from your wedding day combined into one long, unedited video for easy viewing).

All of our footage is captured in 4K. We capture high-quality audio at all times using our on-camera microphones—and we’ll use wireless microphones to capture professional audio whenever someone is speaking (during your ceremony or toasts, for example).

Check out some of our footage below to get a feel for what you’ll receive!

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What can I do with raw footage?

Unlike when you hire a wedding videographer who delivers a film edited at their discretion—with us, you’ll receive all of the raw footage and rich audio we captured...and there is so much you can do with it.


Relive your big day.

Watch your footage over and over again to savour all of the meaningful moments you knew you wanted documented and the quietly remarkable ones you can’t believe we managed to capture.


Edit it yourself.

Whether you’re a seasoned editing pro or are just discovering some of the user-friendly software that’s out there, you can always choose to DIY your wedding film just as soon as you’ve slowed down from the stresses of planning your celebration.


Hire a professional video editor.

When you’re ready, you can always hand your files over to a professional to edit into a film that you can forward to family or share on social media. You own your files, and we never impose any restrictions on who can edit your footage or when.

Live-stream your wedding to let others join in on the celebration.

One of the fastest growing wedding trends (and for good reason!), countless couples are opting to have their celebration live-streamed for friends and family who can’t be in attendance. Our live-stream services are shot professionally using the highest caliber camera equipment, so your guests will feel like they’re in on the action of your day right alongside your in-person party goers. You’ll receive a copy of your live-stream raw footage too!

Praise from couples who are celebrating our services

  • Chris was fantastic to deal with, the whole process was super simple and painless. Our wedding videographer Phil was charismatic and easy-going, he made us feel like we were in good hands and the end result reflects that. So happy with the footage we received!

    Angelica, Read full review on Google
  • Just footage were an absolute pleasure to work with in the lead up to our wedding. On the day the services were faultless and the end product was full of cherished memories and amazing shots. I love having all the footage from our wedding and able to relive it whenever I like. Thank you Just Footage!

    Natasha, Read full review on Google
  • We used Just Footage for our wedding video and are very happy we did. The communication from Chris throughout the entire process was great, which meant everything went smoothly on the day. We got our video on time and it is perfect, the videographer on the day captured everything very well.

    Ellise, Read full review on Google
  • Our videographer was professional and courteous. We highly recommend Just Footage. If you're thinking about video and would like an affordable option, this is it. They were very good to deal with pre and post wedding too, thank you.

    Giselle, Read full review on Google
  • We had the drone to start our video and then the videographer for 5 hours. We watched the raw footage and I have to say it is fantastic, all the special moments were captured and we are so happy with the company and very glad we chose them. I would highly recommend. Thank you.

    Tony, Read full review on Google
  • We went with Just Footage to capture our wedding day on video, as all we wanted was the high quality raw footage. If all you need is some great coverage of your big day without all the flashy edit packages, I highly recommend these guys!

    Nick, Read full review on Google
  • I was really happy to find a company that would shoot and supply raw footage as I now have the opportunity to edit the footage myself. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a wedding videographer!

    Monica, Read full review on Google
  • Amazing. Couldn't recommend enough! Worth every penny and everyone is just so lovely to work with.

    Amelia, Read full review on Google

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Frequently asked questions

  • What will I receive after my wedding?

    Within 4 weeks after the event date you'll receive all of the original raw footage copied directly from our cameras and audio recorders. We'll also combine all of the raw footage captured by our cameras into one long unedited video per camera, so that you can easily watch back through it all on your TV or computer.

  • If you live-stream my wedding, can I just use that footage to edit into a film later on?

    We don't recommend relying solely on your live-stream footage for an edited video down the road—as it will be one steady stream from a single angle. Because your live-stream videographer needs to remain mostly stationary and monitor the stream constantly, we can’t maneuver around, get creative, or switch camera angles like we’ll do with our normal filming services. You can of course book two wedding videographers (one for live-stream and one for raw footage that's ideal for editing down the road) if you'd like to cover both bases!

  • How do I make a booking?

    Ask us for a booking form and we’ll send you one.

  • What packages are on offer?

    None! Simply book however many coverage hours you'd like. You’re welcome to add on additional coverage hours during the lead up to your wedding as well, or even on the day of your wedding.

  • How many hours of coverage do I need?

    Every wedding is different. As a guide, decide your ceremony and reception start times.

    We’ll start filming when the ceremony starts, and finish roughly 3 hours after the reception start time, allowing us enough time to capture the whole wedding ceremony, any photoshoots or activities you have planned during the day, and all of the reception formalities.

    If you want the preparations captured too, please allow an additional 3 hours and we’ll start filming 3 hours prior to the ceremony start time.

  • How many wedding videographers will be at my wedding?

    One wedding videographer will be present on your wedding day, unless you specifically request two or more (additional costs will apply).

  • What about the raw footage video quality?

    We film in 4K using state of the art camera gear.

  • What about the audio quality?

    Whenever we are filming, we will be recording audio using on-camera microphones. For the wedding ceremony and reception speeches, we'll also record professional audio using our wireless lapel microphones and/or backup audio recorders, dependant on whatever option will provide you with the best possible outcome.

    For the wedding ceremony we always mic one person (typically the groom) and preferably the celebrant as well, dependent on whether or not we are given permission to do so. For the reception speeches, we’ll either plug directly into the DJ’s system to record audio, or if that’s not a viable option, we’ll attach a wireless lapel mic to the main mic being used for the speeches. We may also use additional audio recorders as a backup if needed.

  • Can I edit myself or get someone else to edit for me?

    Absolutely. That is why we provide you with the original raw footage and audio, unedited and unaltered. This is exactly what any professional video editor will need to edit a wedding video for you too. There are also no restrictions as to who can edit your wedding videos for you.

  • Who will be my wedding videographer?

    We have only a small team of friendly wedding videographers, one of whom will be filming your wedding, depending on availability.

We’d love to give you the freedom that raw footage wedding videography offers.

Reach out today to get the process started.